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Welcome to Jobs @ Bigfoot Communications!

In spite of this challenging environment, Bigfoot is expanding - with a clear path to profitability, a well-known brand and a user base of more than 2 million users!

Our operations have been moved from New York City to Cebu, Philippines, where a team of a hundred highly skilled professionals takes care of the "new" Bigfoot.com, developing a suite of new communications services for small and medium size businesses, transitioning the former email forwarding service into a "Communications Powerhouse", offering SMS, Conference Calling, Unified Messaging and Webhosting Services.

We also offer internships for technical and business students from around the world in Cebu/Philippines.


Currently, we have the following job openings:

Last Updated - November 15, 2002

Technical Jobs

Administrative and Financial Jobs

If you think you are the one we are looking for, then, apply now!


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